Alex has been composing music since he was a teenager—inspired by the many magical scores of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Bernard Herrmann—to name a few.  Since graduating from Berklee College of Music, Alex’s music can be heard throughout film, television, amusement parks, and commercials. 

Alex has scored many projects spanning jazz noir, romantic comedies, spy action/thrillers, dramas, and quirky tongue-in-cheek comedies. He has worked on projects in connection with Marvel, Disney, Hallmark, Universal, Netflix, Crackle, OWN, ABC, FOX, and Sony. He has also had the immense honor of composing additional music for greats such as: William Ross, John Debney, Sean Callery, Tony Morales, Christopher Lennertz, The Newton Brothers, and BT.

When Alex is not composing, he is perfecting the classic gin martini--while still listening to Jerry Goldsmith scores, of course.